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Marson Rivets


Marson® brand offers a full line of blind rivets and threaded inserts in a wide variety of materials. Products include standard open-end rivets, as well as Specialty Rivets, including Closed-end, Multi-Grip and Plastic rivets. Threaded Inserts round out the product line, complimented by a full array of Manual and Air Tools. Many fasteners are offered in kit form with tools as well!

Klik-Fast® Standard Blind Rivets

  • All Aluminum
  • All Steel
  • All Stainless
  • Aluminum Body / Steel Mandrel
  • Copper Body / Brass Mandrel
  • Copper Body / Steel Mandrel
  • Stainless Body / Steel Mandrel

Klik Fast® Specialty Rivets

  • Marson® Manual Rivet Tools
  • Closed End: All materials
  • Klik-Lok™
  • Multi-Grip™
  • Plastic Rivets
  • Q-Lok™
  • Tri-Bulb™
  • Klik-Split® T-Rivet

Marson® Manual Rivet Tools

  • Big Daddy Hand Tool / 39035
  • Big Daddy Hand Tool / 39010
  • Big Daddy II / M39032
  • Big Daddy® Hand Tool / 39031
  • HP-2® Hand Tool / 39000
  • HP-3® / M39002
  • Marson KL-2 Plastic Rivet Setter / 48005
  • Marson Klik-Lok™ Plastic Rivet Setter / 48000
  • Klik-Turn™ Swivel Head Hand Riveter/ 39005 SP-1
  • Marson Kliker® Hand Riveter / 39040

Marson® Air Hydraulic Tools

  • Marson M-3 Heavy-Duty Riveter / 39054
  • MP-3V / M39045
  • MP-4V / M39048
  • 302-E Heavy-Duty Riveter / 39062
  • 304-E Heavy-Duty Riveter / 39064

Marson® Threaded Insert Tools

  • Marson Thread-Setter™ Tool / 39200
  • 140-SP Thread Setting Tool / 39223
  • 325-RN Thread Setting Tool / 34604

Marson® Rivet/Tool Kits

  • 200 Hand Riveter Kit™ / 39001
  • Marson Klik-Lok™ Plastic Rivet kit / 48001
  • Marson Plastic Rivet Kit / 48006
  • Marson Stainless Steel Hand Riveter Kit / 39003

Marson® Threaded Insert / Tool Kits

  • Aluminum Thread-Sert® Kit 39213
  • Metric Poly Nut™ Kit 39203
  • Poly Nut™ Kit 39202
  • Steel Thread-Sert® Kit 39214
  • Thread-Setter™ Kit 34501

Marson® Rivet Nuts

  • Marson Klik® Rivet-Nuts
  • Marson Klik® Rivet-Nuts/Ribbed
  • Marson Klik® Poly-Nuts
  • Marson Klik® Thread-Serts/Poly-Nuts

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