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commercial Fastenres

SFI offers a wide selection of Commercial Products. Some of our major products include:

Machined components range starts from 1mm dia.
  • Dowel Pin range starts from 1mm
  • Split Pin – ready stock available from 0.6mm
  • Slotted Round Nut & Hex Nut range starting M1.4
  • Anchor Nuts and Lock Nuts
  • Washers & Spacers
  • Studs
  • Solid Inserts
  • CNC / VMC based Machined Components
  • Cold Forging capabilities starting from 1.6 mm
  • Machine Screw range starts from M1.6
  • CSK Head, Cheese Head, Pan Head, Round Head, Raised CSK, T Head, etc.
  • Hex, Socket, Square, Slotted, 100 / 120 Deg Cruciform, Phillips, Pozidrive, etc.
  • 100% Burr Free Slotted Screws
  • Slotted Grub / Set Screws
  • Captive Screws

Safety Screws with Drill Hole





Machine Screws

Dowels Pins

Clevis Pins

Split Pins / Cotter Pins

Anchor switches

Anchor electricals


Rivets & Eyelets

Sems Screws

Set Screws

Sheet Metal Screws

Shoulder/Stripper Bolts

Socket & Torx Head Screws

Anchor tag

Nitro nuts mechanical

Lab fasteners



Threaded Rod

Washer, Flat and Lock

Captive Screws

Hex Head Screws

Taptite Thread Forming Screws

Earthquake fasteners

Mechanical commercial products

Elite fasteners

Military fasteners

Military fasteners catalog

NAS fasteners guide

NAS fasteners specification

NAS fsteners Application

NAS fasteners catalog

Military and commercial fasteners