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DFARS Statement

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DFARS Statement

Defense Federal Acquisition Supplement 252.225-7014, requires that the material used in the manufacture of fasteners in the U.S. be melted and produced in the U.S. or a qualified country.

When DFARS 252.225-7014, is a requirement, Speciality Fasteners International has the inventory and ability to provide products, test reports and documentation to assure compliance to the DFARS directive.

Speciality Fasteners International provides products as per DFARS Clause. This clause applies to items that contain specialty metals. Specialty metals are defined in this clause as certain steels, titaniums and zirconium based alloys.

Speciality Fasteners International vast distribution experience with the Defense, Military and Aerospace industries. As an industry leader, SFI will guide your company through the key elements of these directives and help you to understand their importance.

Counterfeit Part Verification

SFI as per Aerospace AS5553 & AS6081 Standards(Counterfeit Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation and Disposition)is committed to preventing the receipt of counterfeit material through comprehensive quality assurance processes. SFI follow strict quality requirements per the Aerospace AS5553 & AS6081 Standards and utilize a checklist to monitor the process.

  • Parts must be from the original equipment manufacturer or a franchised distributor.
  • Parts must be in the original manufacturer packaging with lot traceability to the certification supplied with the material.
  • If parts have sealed packaging they are not removed for detailed part inspection.
  • If parts are not in sealed packaging a visual inspection is performed using magnification Glasses to check for any relabeling or part alterations.