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Case Study 1

Key Features

A manufacturer in the automotive industry wanted to upgrade the trunk of their range of sports utility vehicles by introducing a flip-able load floor with a standard interior-matching carpet on one side, and a rubber lined heavy-duty surface on the other side. The floor would be flipped over depending on the surface required. We developed a special slam latch, a rotary fastener to hold lids in place, a rubber bumper for each corner of the floor for elimination of vibration and noise, as well as cargo tie-down fasteners to secure a load in the trunk. These specialised products contributed to the success of our customer's project.

Case Study 2

Key Features

A world leading manufacturer has been providing lighting systems for many automotive tunnels in Europe. The rough conditions in the tunnels including condensation, car emissions, dust and dirt mean the lighting systems need to be cleaned regularly. The process causes traffic jams for several hours. We developed a special latch which can close the lighting casing on one side, whilst acting as a hinge on the other side, holding the frame securely in place, thereby reducing cleaning time. This product has drastically reduced the cleaning time required and because the product fits many applications, the need for the customer to stock many different parts has been eliminated.

Case Study 3

Key Features

A user of public authority vehicles including fork lift trucks required laptops to be securely fastened into the vehicles to provide access for the user to a central server. The fastening system needed to provide a quick, safe and vibration proof solution. The laptop needed to be protected whilst being easy and quick to remove at the end of a shift. There was no suitable solution available on the market for such a specific requirement so we developed a special ball lock fastener through collaboration with the customer which meets all of their requirements.